How can women step up and stand out more In 2021

When: March 9 2021

Where: Virtual, Spain


In this special March webinar, let us shine our confidence, courage and creativity to show ourselves and our global sisters.

We can Step Up & Stand Out

We can have our voices and messages Heard, Understood and Believed

The challenges for women in the creative arts, entertainment industry, sports, music, and dance have been tremendous but we are coming back stronger and more creative.

The aim of the webinar is to

• Be more confident to speak up
• Develop courage to question everything and ask for more
• To express our creative energy more fluently through writing
• To appraise our incredible human and feminine instinct to survive
• And to applaud and big ourselves up that we reached 2021 sane and healthy

On this webinar, I am encouraging you to bring to the table and share your

• Accomplishments, petite and grande.
• To plan together and set intentions for the rest of the year.
• To be femininely accountable to each other.
• And most importantly, to brainstorm and pool ideas to Step Up & Stand Out more.

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