Junior Orsi congress 2021: Changing Perspectives

When: March 8 2021

Where: Melle, Belgium


To kick off a new semester of Junior Orsi Academy, we present to you our ‘Congress 2021 – Changing Perspectives’.

This time, instead of sitting behind your screen for a day to not miss a thing, we will release a reading or workshop each day of the week that you can watch immediately or at a time that fits you best. We start on Monday the 8th of March and keep going until Saturday the 13th.

Be ready for an impressive line up with speeches that will trigger you to be your best self, concerning multiple topics.

The topics covered are extremely varied and suitable for anyone with an interest in innovation in Medicine, Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

Some of our speakers are professor Sarah Baatout (Radiobiology), professor Damya Laoui (CRIG) and Dr Siska Van Bruwaene (Robot Urology).

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