HEN IWD 2021 Summit

When: March 8 2021

Where: Selangor, Malaysia


Event Goals Key goals

-To celebrate women's achievements in their own field of expertise
-To create awareness raising Campaign & Influencing behaviors
-Smashing stereotypes & Challenging bias
-launching initiatives & Cause-related marketing
-Brand elevation
-Women's Economics Elevation Through digital event
-Community based e-events


1. Women getting Inspired and taking action to change and challenge the world

2. Increase in more women entrepreneurs in HEN post event

3. Women being able to identify their potential, rights and resources

4. Increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs in HEN

5. Crowdfunding to create a FREE E-Learning Portal for Victims of Domestic Violence

6. Bringing 30+ Women speakers under one roof to give back to the community byte size information that can be implemented and actionable based on their own expertise.

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