Princesses Pearls and Puberty

When: March 27 2021

Where: Atlanta, United States


It's Time to Party with the princesses.

Princesses, Pearls & Puberty: Discovery Party for Girls (10-12yrs old) is designed to help parents and their pre-teen children (10-12 yrs. old) talk about the impending body changes their child in a fun, educational, and safe environment. This free community seminar not only educates and empower girls about puberty, safety, and mental health, addresses period poverty, and a lack of public education. We also provide each girl with their first set of pads at the conclusion of each event.

Registration is Completely FREE!

Mom/Dad, make sure you purchase a crown for your daughter & bring a special "Discovery Gift" for your daughter to open during our online the party.

Remember: Every Girl will need a gift. Think of it as a birthday party for them! Check out our Facebook page for gift ideas!

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