International and Indigenous women’s day Conference IIWDC-22

When: March 4 2022

Where: Lahore, Pakistan


International and Indigenous Women’s Day Virtual Conference with the collaboration of more then 50 countries women’s leadership addressing 5 different challenges which women are facing before and after Covid-19.

Previously we did a key event to pay tribute to all women who play a vital role and contribute through positive vibes for their families and communities.

This Women’s Day celebration is going to admire their efforts and passion as Mothers, daughters, sisters and moreover passionate leaders.

This one week celebration will highlight strengths, exploring opportunities, sharing investments, assessing policies and preparing findings to connect with funding opportunities from March 3, 2021– March 8, 2021.

International Women's Day Celebrations week form March to 8th March 2021 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from 11 countries collectively. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Significant activity is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women's achievements or rally for women's equality.

Ensuring that we continue to be known as a respected, dynamic organization that advances communities at larger scale now moving towards the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION WEEK by mega virtual conference.

Conference Mission & Vision:
(1) Women prospering in the workforce for workforce development, vocational education and skills trainings.
(2) Women succeeding as entrepreneurs and can access to capital, Markets and networks.
(3) Women enabled in the economy and remove restrictive legal and cultural barriers.

1. International Women’s day one week celebrations involving multiple sectors and platforms which are exclusively interlinked with women’s economic empowerment.
2. Inviting women experts internationally which not only talk about the economy of their own country in-fact they will share the opportunities for others (Investments to Services delivery) through one of our initiative “By Women for Women”
3. To document every single movement of this event and prepare one chartered of demand to present to government and funding agencies and embassies based on the outcome and analysis by our event’s experts. (Grassroots to Leaders)

✔ Decision making power in Women
✔ Control over Productive  Economic Resource
✔ Control over the use and reinvesting of income
✔ Social Capital and Leadership in Community  
✔ Access to use of technologies in businesses

To satisfy defined sectorial aims and objectives, we provide initiatives based on strategic pillars of women economic development such as:
(1) Women prospering in the workforce via education, vocational development, skills training, & parenting supports.
(2) Women succeeding as entrepreneurs who have access to capital, markets and networks.
(3) Women enabled as leaders in the economy through the removal of restrictive legal and cultural barriers.

This whole exercise links with fruitful businesses and abundant families and community prosperity under SDG Goal # 17 Networking and Partnerships and by improving the grassroots support of women to measure global impact through the “We D.I.D. It In Partnership '' approach, ensuring that the (D)evelopment, (I)mplementation and (D)elivery” of all above mentioned activities are undertaken in an inclusive and participatory manner. The program draws from the contributions and engagement of stakeholders and partners from government, IT & Technology industry, Academia, women’s associations, civil society, Private sector, and global corporate development in tandem with grassroots organizations which will be the ultimate source of generating prosperity at the individual, family, community, state, national, and global level. We are bound by a common goal of women economic development for women’s entrepreneurs.

Looking forward for your valuable input and cooperation!
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