International Women's Day 2022

When: March 10 2022

Where: Blackburn, United Kingdom


Join our International Women's Day 2022 event

Liz Pollard - Host & Speaker, Bold Moves Coaching
Your host once again is Liz Pollard of Bold Moves Coaching Ltd. Liz says she can’t wait to get back in the room with you all as her last big night out was the IWD2020 and we all know what’s happened since then! Liz is an accomplished public speaker and also coaches others to overcome their fear of speaking in public. Although she spends most of her time online these days, over the last 10 years she’s spoken at seminars, conferences and hosted business awards ceremonies. Is it time for you to spread your wings and fly? Liz is on a mission to inspire women to be proud of their achievements, be bold with their voices and create a serious impact with their business. Through her Bold Moves Coaching programmes, Liz helps women to believe in their ability, own their goals and lead themselves and their teams with confidence to increase business performance. Liz will share her story of how she’s had to fight to be seen working in a mans world and why she has a vision to create a community of bold business women empowering women!”

Anne Williamson - Speaker, Customer Love
With 30+ years experience in marketing, Anne’s focus has always been on the customer relationships. Now MD of Customer Love, delivering mystery shopping, training, talks and consultancy to organisations to help them improve customer service processes and communication. Author of ‘Are you a one night stand business?’ which takes you through the stages of dating and shows how they apply to business. Why? Because business is all about relationships. The book is filled with customer service tips, action points and also real business examples of where organisations are getting it right and also wrong. Anne has worked across a variety of sectors including funeral businesses, professional services, motor trade, digital services, engineers and estate agents. She has a real love for great customer service and work with businesses who want to be the standout business in their field.

Irene Wignall - Keynote Speaker, Look for the Rainbows
Irene started writing when, as she puts it, she realised her head was full of randomness and she needed to off load some of it. When she started writing she was dealing with some very big events in her life and she would be the first to say that writing became like having a counselling session without the cost! Irene’s writing career started around seven years ago when she lost Dusty (her baby boy). Each night she wrote what she was grateful for in the day, this led to writing blogs and posts on her social media pages, which then progressed to a book of 35,000 words and she hasn’t stopped there. She’s currently writing book number two and three. Irene’s debut book is called "Look for the (effin) Rainbows”. Socialise and network with business women from across the North West in celebration of International Women's Day on Thursday 10th March 2022 from 4.30pm.

This special evening will include a 2 course dinner:
- Lancashire cheese and onion pie, sautéed spring greens, fondant potato.
- Pan fried chicken supreme, sautéed spring greens, fondant potato. Veal jus

- Sticky toffee pudding, brown butter ice-cream, butterscotch sauce

- Tea and coffee will be served after dinner


4.30pm 4.55pm - Guest arrival - networking with bucks fizz or Orange Juice
5.00pm - 5.45pm - Anne Williamson, Customer Love
6.00pm - 7.15pm - Dinner followed by tea/coffee
7.15pm - 7.45pm - Liz Pollard, Enabling Bold Moves
7.45pm - 8.00pm - Comfort break with raffle for Blackburn Youth Zone
8.00pm - 8.45pm - Irene Wignall, Search for Rainbows
8.45pm - 9.00pm - Final questions and close

Payment is required upon booking - £34 per person

Book via the link above or contact or Janine Smith on 01254 292500 for more information.
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