International Women's Day Banbury 2022

When: March 5 2022

Where: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


International Women’s Day Banbury is a celebration of the fine ladies of Cherwell. A series of arts, community and business events will be held in March 2022 as part of the global IWD campaign to promote gender equality.

We’ve curated a series of arts, community and business events inspired by great women throughout history.

“Ada” - Tuesday 8th March, The Mill Arts Centre

If you want something done, ask a busy woman to do it.

The lives of women today are busier than ever. IWD Banbury presents a series of inspirational talks and insightful discussions around four aspects of being a woman today.

Each session will begin with a thought-provoking 15-minute talk by a person immersed in our theme. They'll be sharing their personal stories, knowledge and lessons learnt with you.

With the 2022 International Women's Day global theme - Break The Bias - in mind, we'll then invite two more eloquent panellists to the stage to join our main speaker. Break The Bias asks us to "imagine a gender equal world" so we'll ask them, and our audience, to add their perspectives during a 30-minute panel discussion.

"Cleopatra" - Saturday 5th March, The Mill Arts Centre

Our Female Founders Fair is full of independently owned and operated organisations from in and around Oxfordshire.

On Saturday you can find out about female-led businesses based near Banbury. There will be a chance to meet the women involved, check out their products and maybe even take something home with you.

“Greta” - Tuesday 8th March, Online

When we hold out our hand to the next generation of women in Banbury, we can #BreakTheBias. Our virtual speed-mentoring sessions aim to accelerate this change.

We have asked local business and community members to connect with girls in short "speed-dating" style mentoring sessions online.
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