Gender Equality Requires Breaking New Ground

John May, CEO, John Deere

 IWD 2022

Women are critical to John Deere’s success. They lead our factories and teams, design new solutions, manufacture our machines, manage dealerships, and serve on our board of directors. At every point in our great organization, all these women are visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and advocates who drive new ways of thinking and doing. They forge meaningful change in service of our customers and those who work to feed the world and build a more sustainable future.

Our company’s actions affect more than 75,000 employees globally as well as a broad set of stakeholders who rely on us. And we know that more must be done to create opportunities for and improve the lives of women within our spheres of influence and beyond.

While it's vital to recognize the achievements of women, these celebrations cannot serve as proof that we’ve reached our goal. Instead, they should serve as an inspiring reminder of how much further we must go to reach gender equality and how much more we will accomplish when we do.

John Deere is proud to offer its support to International Women’s Day, and we are committed to #BreakTheBias so life can leap forward.

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