Challenge Stereotypes, Fight Biases and Call Out Inequality

Jill Kouri, Chief Marketing Officer, HCL Technologies

 IWD 2022

HCL Technologies is proud to stand together with the International Women’s Day organization (IWD) to challenge stereotypes, fight biases and call out inequality.

Together, we’re celebrating International Women’s Month, honoring female achievements, and pushing for progress today and every day.

It’s well known that women were disproportionately affected by the pandemic – choosing (or feeling forced to choose) departures from full-time employment to focus on family care, self-care, or the desire to parlay their skills into something completely different. In turn, many technology organizations are working to rebuild their workforces to make up for those departures. As the pandemic recedes, organizations like HCL Technologies are strengthening their goals to advance gender diversity in technology, while continuing to #BreakTheBias.

Each of us bears the responsibility to pave the way and to show the world how leading with compassion and empathy can help us achieve sustainable results. It means accepting and welcoming all views and opinions from people of all backgrounds and demographics – and making it a point to surround ourselves with diverse people with diverse views and opinions. I am a champion in driving for gender equity, which means truly bridging gaps for women in the workplace – and embracing inclusion in the process.

HCL Technologies is making good progress. Through sustained programs and initiatives, we’ve moved the needle on gender diversity – with an almost 28% female population. We’ve also had a significant increase of senior women in leadership positions. The tone is set from the very top, and our HCL Technologies Board of Directors is one of the most diverse boards in the industry, with 31% female representation. We are invested in empowering more women to join the workforce with new initiatives around women’s path to reentry, reengagement in the workforce, and launching new career pathways. Our flexible work and well-being programs proactively help our colleagues balance caregiving and wellness needs with work responsibilities. We are also partnering with various social organizations to encourage women of all ages to take up careers in technology and upskill them for continuous career progression. Our Chairperson of the Board, Roshni Nadar and our Global CEO and Managing Director, C Vijayakumar, are key drivers for significant year-on-year increases in the ratio.

A more diverse workforce is a better workforce. While our people expect it, our clients demand it. And of course, prospective candidates want to work for a company that embraces diversity and inclusion. I’m proud to work for HCL Technologies – and excited to be part of the drive for continuous change to increase our gender diversity at this dynamic organization.


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