Empowered Women Film Festival

When: March 8, 2023

Where: Virtual, United Kingdom


In celebration of International Women's Day 2023, The Telling is releasing the film adaptions of its Empowered Women Trilogy concertplays (where music and theatre collide) for a limited time from 8 - 21 March 2023.

Each film costs just £5.99 to stream via the event website.


Into the Melting Pot: ★★★★ "an inspiring, affirming and powerful piece of writing (and my favourite so far of The Telling’s work)" - LouReviews, Louise Penn October 2022

Spain, 1492. At twilight on her final night in Seville, a Jewish woman lights the lamps. She is being forced to leave Spain and set sail for an uncertain future. Her story echoes down the ages and also to the personal stories of people affected by politics and war today. She tunes into voices of a community of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women from across the Spanish peninsula.

Vision: "Norburn & mezzo Ariane Prüssner are mesmerising in the music. An austerely beautiful piece... it really is wonderful, so do try & catch it." - The Guardian, Tim Ashley (Aug 2020)

Vision explores the extraordinary life of the visionary medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen, alongside her haunting and distinctive chant.

The show provides an insight into the painful and visceral visionary experiences Hildegard suffered throughout her life. It is “an imagined testimony” as Hildegard, played by actor Teresa Banham, revisits and re-experiences meaningful episodes from her past.

Unsung Heroine: Delve into the heady atmosphere of 12th-century Provence to discover the imagined life and love of the redoubtable troubadour Countess Beatriz de Di, soundtracked by the plaintive music and poetry of the troubadours and lively medieval dances performed by The Telling.

The story imagines how Beatriz came to write her impassioned song 'A Chantar', the only example of a troubadour song by a woman, where both the poetry and melody have survived. Beatriz’s poetry is grounded in the rules of courtly love. She lives in a world where emotions are sacrificed to the strait-jacket of ritual: her only recourse is to channel her pain, love and desire for revenge into this passionate song.
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