Business Chicks International Women’s Day 2024 – Brisbane

When: March 19, 2024

Where: Brisbane, Australia


Some people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Us? We say it’s International Women’s Day.

After all, it’s when we get to celebrate being us. Being women. We celebrate that, despite all the barriers, the invisible load, gender inequality and discrimination, women still thrive. We fight. We shatter glass ceilings. We stand in solidarity with each other. We find the strength to keep going, no matter what life hurls at us.  

IWD is when we reflect on the past and reimagine the future. And it’s when we hear stories – sometimes uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking, always powerful – from extraordinary women.

You’ll hear from three powerful speakers. Hundreds of Business Chicks. One event to remember. (Oh, and lots of delicious food.)

We’d love you to join us for this special International Women’s Day event in 2024. Grab your tickets now!

Business Chicks Breakfast

General Admission: $275 members | $295 non-members | $2750 table (10)
Gold Admission: $450 pp | $4500 table (10)
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