Digital Her Inspiration breakfast: International Women's Day 2024

When: March 8, 2024

Where: Manchester, United Kingdom


Building on the success of our Inspiration Breakfast for Ada Lovelace Day, we’re bringing this event back to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Expect an invigorating start to International Women's Day packed with inspiring ideas and meaningful connections, focussing on the IWD theme of 2024: Inspire Inclusion.

We'll be hearing from members of the Digital Her community about what that theme means to them, and how it can inspire us all as women in tech to show up for ourselves and each other.

We'll bring the Digital Her community together around these thought-provoking and personal talks from our members, and create space for the rich conversations they inspire.

The format
Five members of the Role Model community will take the stage for 6-minute lightning talks, each connected to the theme of IWD 2024: Inspire Inclusion. Each talk will leave us with a key question to spark a 10 minute discussion in groups as we connect over coffee, pastries & fresh fruit.
Our Inspiration Breakfasts are all about exploring inspiration in today's world; finding it, being it for others, and much more.

Who's it for?
This event is aimed at all women working, or aspiring to work, in tech. Digital Her is always a trans inclusive space.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Give a Lightning Talk at Digital Her Inspiration Breakfast: IWD 2024!
We’re launching a call-out for women in the Digital Her community to put themselves forward to give a 6-minute lightning talk linked to the idea of ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Speakers can have one image or slide behind them for their talk, and the talk must end on a question to the room. This question should provoke meaningful conversations and connections amongst attendees.

The global International Women’s Day theme for 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, so that idea will be at the heart of all of the day’s lightning talks; and we welcome speakers approaching that concept however they like!

We would particularly like to encourage submissions from those who have faced barriers to inclusion, whether relating to race, ethnicity, disability, neurodivergence, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, socioeconomic background, caring responsibilities, first language and more.
To apply, complete the Lightning Talk Application Form here.

Meet our speakers:
Coming soon!

This event is supported by Bruntwood Sci Tech. Thank you to all of our Digital Her Sponsors: AtkinsRealis, Auto Trader UK,, Bruntwood SciTech, Deloitte and GlobalLogic.

About Digital Her / Manchester Digital
Our mission is to help increase gender representation, diversity and inclusivity in the digital and tech sector. Digital Her exists to address these issues, by inspiring and encouraging more women across Greater Manchester to consider careers in technology and digital.

For women already working in tech, the Digital Her community is about supporting and elevating that voice and representation.
Whether you’re a woman in tech, an advocate or an ally, join the mission.

Childcare queries: We strongly believe in making our events as accessible as possible. Therefore, if childcare is a barrier to attending this event, please contact so we can support you further.

Accessibility and neurodiversity: We try to make our events as accessible and neurodiversity friendly as possible. However, we continue to learn and be informed by you. Please let know if you may need anything additional to ensure you can participate in our event.
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