Women of Change's Live Your Best Life International Women's Day event

When: March 8, 2024

Where: Toronto, Canada


As International Women’s Day approaches, we are looking forward to gathering again to celebrate you on Friday March 8th at the Balmy Beach Club.

Join us for another spectacular night filled with inspirational speakers, innovators, change makers, and all of you.

Live Your BEST Life!  
Living your best life is about finding that ultimate sense of joy, fulfilment, and contentment.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and a way to truly enjoy the big moments and the small memorable ones.

These are the blessings and relationships in your life that remind us of how much love, the smallest of things bring us, every single day.

What motivates you? How do you reach your potential? Let's journey together to rediscover you.

Change can be uncomfortable and even scary, but it’s often through change that you learn how to really live your best life.
Let Florence’s journey inspire you to take a leap of faith, the next time you have an opportunity to do something different.
It’s not always comfortable, but remember, your best moments may be the ones that brought change into your life.

ADHD in  women is generally misunderstood.  
Many women are not diagnosed before adulthood, and carry the stress and anxiety of living a life trying to fit into a world that was not necessarily designed for their brains.  
Joanna hopes to shed light on what ADHD is in women, why it is misunderstood, and offer hope for those struggling with executive function challenges.

If you don’t currently feel like you are living your best life, ask yourself what is stopping you?
What is keeping you stuck or why can't you move forward? Chances are, there is a situation, a fear or worry, that is stopping you.
Let Olivia help you find clarity about how the physical changes we experience in our bodies impact us from our relationships to our careers; and how we can find support, educate ourselves and empower each other during mid-life transition.

Let's support, educate and empower each other on this evening dedicated to all of you.
~Speakers ~ Artisans ~ Libations and Light Fare ~ Music by StilettoFlats ~

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