WOW - Women of the World Festival 2016

When: March 8 2016

Where: London, United Kingdom


<p><strong>Tuesday 8 March 2016 - Sunday 13 March 2016</strong></p>

<p>Tackling topics from the deeply serious to the seriously funny, Southbank Centre&rsquo;s WOW -&nbsp;Women of the World festival celebrates women and girls and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential.</p>

<p>Hear from outstanding thought leaders, trailblazers, activists and innovators, and join the debate on wide-reaching topics from body image, sex, women in business, refugees and criminal justice, to transgender, race, disability and childcare.</p>

<p>Returning for its sixth year, the week-long&nbsp;<em>WOW</em>&nbsp;festival takes place in the week of International Women&rsquo;s Day (8 March) and features over 150 events, including talks, debates, live music, comedy, workshops, our smash-hit&nbsp;<em>WOW</em>&nbsp;Speed Mentoring and the&nbsp;<em>WOW</em>&nbsp;Market.</p>

<p>Feed your mind, nourish your soul and quench your thirst for knowledge, change and ideas.</p>

<p>Watch some of the highlights from previous WOW - Women of the World festivals&nbsp;</p>

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