Dearest Jennifer

Dearest Jennifer,
What have you done? Pregnant at 17… What about all of your dreams? What about the scholarships? What will Mom think? How will your friends treat you now that you are “The pregnant girl?”
I know how you are feeling right now, but please don’t give up on yourself!!! It’s important to know that this moment will not define who you are and what you will accomplish in your life.
If I could give you one piece of advice it would be- “Lace your boots up tight and get ready for one hell of a ride!” At times it will seem like your life is moving faster than you can keep pace with but never fear my friend because you were born a warrior!
You will be presented with opportunities that others will only dream about. Please don’t ever be afraid to face a challenge or difficult problem head on. You are very stubborn right now, but as the years pass patience will become one of your strongest virtues.
You will become known as “the leader.” It’s a title that you will have earned through hard work, dedication and determination. You will be the go to person because your reputation for getting it done will follow you like a shield.
Let me also caution you to take time and enjoy life. Don’t take everything so seriously. Smile more! Trust more! Stay selective. Always protect your space and privacy! Always follow your gut! 99% of the time it’s spot on!
Please know that everyone who claims to be friendly will not be a friend. At the same time appreciate each and every person that comes into your life.
Stay optimistic and remember that your glass is truly always full. Stay humble, but be proud of each and every accomplishment.
Learn the art of apologizing. Be sincere and look a person directly in the eye when you say “I’m sorry.” Being able to admit fault is a virtue, not a sign of weakness.
Being a mother is a blessing that should not be taken lightly. Cherish every moment that you spend with Brittany. Tell her you love her often. Listen, when she speaks. She will be one of your greatest accomplishments in life.
When opportunity knocks, open the door!
Lead by example. Forgive trespasses.
Finally, remember that your life will be what you make of it.
Your Biggest Fan!


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