#ChooseToChallenge - Virtual Tour - Trinidad and Tobago

When: March 8 2021

Where: Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago


This year’s Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk will incorporate a series of virtual events that highlight how women in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are choosing to challenge!

The Global Mentoring Walk allows mentors and mentees to walk together, sharing challenges and solutions - forming supportive bonds that foster growth.

Mentoring is universally acknowledged as an important part of the development of societies and economies.

International Women’s Day recognizes women’s contribution to global progress and reminds us of the work that remains to advance women and communities everywhere.

It is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the power of women’s leadership and unite women for the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk.

Across cultures and generations, we have seen that women leaders have a natural inclination to share talent, experience, wisdom and power.

Through the Global Mentoring Walk, mentors and mentees come together to walk in their towns and cities, sharing challenges and solutions and forming supportive bonds that foster growth, confidence and leadership.

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