Pubquiz International Women's Day

When: Mar 8 2016

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Until this day all over the world women's rights are violated, also in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For over 20 years thousands of women in this country are victims of sexual violence. The government offers limited help, however Dr. Denis Mukengere Mukwege founded the Panzi Hospital in 1999 where he has mended many victims of sexual violence and helped them rebuild their lives. Linked to the Panzi Hospital is the Panzi Foundation, for whom IFMSA-UvA will organize two events, during the Week of Women's Rights 2016, to raise awareness and money.

With a challengung Pubquiz with the theme Women's Rights you could use your knowledge of women to support the Panzi Foundationa and you could also win some amazing prices! The quiz will take place at the wonderfull Delirium cafe Amsterdam. Apply quickly with your team, because full=full!
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Besides this Pubquiz we will also organize a documentary evening thursday the 10th of March at Cinetol with an interesting guest-speaker. For more information: