Heartfulness Meditation - generating peace and inner growth for womankind

Women are the real binding force in any society and culture on the planet. Being available for all that she is masterfully able to deliver in the world in her own uniqueness creates likely challenges in times like ours. As focus shifts from domination oriented models to cooperative fucntionning in myriad areas of our cultures, women are likely to play fundamental roles as leaders at various levels. To enhance and enable her inner capacity to face this, a key skill like meditation is crucial to her fulfilment no matter what the background.

The Heartfulness approach to Sahaj Marg meditation is a dynamic, simple and effective method for people from all cultures and backgrounds to experience inner transformation, peace and joy.

Heartfulness offers relaxation and meditation techniques to interested seekers and provides ongoing programmes, introducing more techniques as and when seekers are ready to move to the next stage.  With practice, the mind becomes peaceful and calm, and personal transformation and development become a natural part of life.

The learning is free of cost and trainers are available online or anywhere in the world in more than 120 countries.

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