#PledgeforParity : Equal opportunity is what I seek

I want to dream big,

To fly high and reach for the sky.

But there seems to be a hitch,

For I’m girl, not a guy.


From the time when I was kid,

There was a list of things I couldn’t do.

It was supposed to be for my own good,

But those who understood me were very few.


The society thought I couldn’t be strong,

Only because I was gentle.

But I want to prove them all wrong,

Please can you stop being judgemental?


There are professions I cannot take up,

For those are a man’s jobs.

Don’t you think it is time you woke up?

I won’t let you wash my dreams away with sobs.


My dreams cannot be buried deep within,

They cannot be bound by chains of prejudice.

They cannot be hidden now without being seen,

For it is time now I get my justice.


Give me a chance and I’ll show,

How I’ll turn my dreams to reality.

It is time now that you know,

The time is over for your partiality.


An equal I was born to be,

And as an equal I choose to live.

So break the shackles and set me free,

The injustice of the past I’ll forgive.


 I want to make my mark,

I’m capable and strong, not weak.

On the path of my dreams I wish to embark,

In the quest of which equal opportunity is all I seek.

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