Amazingly Beautiful

Amazingly Beautiful

by: Jeaneth Panti


The world tells that her emotions are repressed

Inside her cob-webbed heart,

layer after layer to hide her being.

But they don't know what lies inside - 

She never stopped knocking on doors

That were long kept shut

not afraid of scraping old wounds

and taming other people's shadows.

She's a running mess of emotions and feelings..

trying to do everything

to fix her broken memories,

to be more than enough.

Not knowing that even if she's not, 

She still is, different incountless ways.

It's difficult to understand her

Who she really is and what she really feels.

Most days, she barely recognizes her own pieces,

because she is too busy picking up the fragments

of other people's soul's and building them again

She seeks something, more than curiousity and hope

Her silent presence is not perfect,

But she is amazingly beautiful.


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