How water can change the gender gap. TEDx Talk: Water is a women's issue. Here's why. - Eleanor Allen, Water For People CEO

When: March 8 2017

Where: Washington, DC, United States


<h2>Water is a women&rsquo;s issue</h2>

<p>Please join <strong><a href="/External.aspx?u=" target="_blank">Water For People</a></strong> in observing <a href="/External.aspx?u=">I<strong>nternational Women&rsquo;s Day</strong></a> at the <a href="/External.aspx?u=,1390.html" target="_blank">I<strong>nternational Development Bank</strong></a> where Water For People&rsquo;s CEO, Eleanor Allen will give a TEDx talk entitled, &ldquo;Water is a women&rsquo;s issue. Here&rsquo;s why.&rdquo;</p>


<p>Wednesday, March 8<br />
​Doors open at 4:30. Please arrive before 5 pm to check in with a government-issued ID<br />
Program begins at 5:00 PM with a VIP reception at 6:30 pm<br />
This is a free event. Please spread the word and bring guests&nbsp;<br />
For security, you and your guests must RSVP and register by March 6&nbsp;<br />
Note there is a separate registration for the Ted Talk and the reception</p>


<p><a href="/External.aspx?u="><strong>RSVP here</strong></a></p>

<p>This promises to be a great event. We look forward to meeting you!</p>

<h2>Event schedule</h2>

<p>4:30 - Check-in (with government-issued ID)<br />
5:00 &ndash; 6:00 TEDx talk + Q&amp;A<br />
<strong><strong><a href="/External.aspx?u=,1390.html" target="_blank">IDB Headquarters </a></strong></strong><br />
<strong>1300 New York Avenue, N.W.</strong><br />
<strong>Washington, D.C. 20577, USA </strong></p>

<h2>Learn more about us</h2>

<p>Learn more about how Water For People is <a href="/External.aspx?u=">committed to empowering women here</a>.</p>

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