International Women’s Day Fun Run

When: March 4 2018

Where: Brisbane, Australia


<h2>Before we create a sea, you need to make a few waves</h2>

<p>This year, 12 000 women will create the biggest, boldest sea of pink to ever sweep through Brisbane. With every age, fitness level and personality you can imagine taking part, it&rsquo;s going to be quite the party.</p>

<p>The sea of pink is a powerful symbol of support, showing every woman with breast cancer that they are not alone. In fact, there are thousands of women willing to fill the streets to show them support.</p>

<p>And we want you to be among&nbsp;them.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong><a href="/External.aspx?u=;action=register" target="_blank">Register</a>&nbsp;before midnight 9 February to receive discounted early bird registration and FREE postage of your rebel race kit.&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>Looking for more information? Check out our&nbsp;<strong><a href="/External.aspx?u= facts" target="_blank">fast facts</a></strong>&nbsp;below or head to&nbsp;the&nbsp;<strong><a href="/External.aspx?u=" target="_blank">Frequently Asked Questions</a></strong>&nbsp;page.</p>

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<h2>Sign up</h2>

<p>By <a href="/External.aspx?u=;LangPref=en-CA&amp;welcomeBackReg=y" target="_blank"><strong>signing up today</strong></a>&nbsp;you can be part of Brisbane&rsquo;s biggest celebration of women, all while increasing the practical support available to women with breast cancer. By taking part, you&#39;ll also be helping to raise vital funds for practical&nbsp;breast cancer support services&nbsp;and&nbsp;breast cancer research&nbsp;at Mater.</p>

<p>Register now to join 10 0000 other women (and a few supportive men) in&nbsp;creating a sea of pink through the streets of Brisbane on Sunday 5 March.&nbsp;</p>

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<h2>Fast facts</h2>

<p><strong>Date: </strong>Sunday 4&nbsp;March 2018<br />
<strong>Time: </strong>The first event category starts at 6.15 am<br />
<strong>Venue:</strong> Cultural Forecourt, South Bank, Brisbane (look for the sea of pink near the Wheel of Brisbane)<br />
<br />
<strong>Course length:</strong> Run or walk the original 5 km course or the NEW 10 km course<br />
<strong>Run or Walk?: </strong>When <a href="/External.aspx?u=;action=register" target="_blank"><strong>registering this year</strong></a> you will need to let us know if you will be running or walking either the 5 km or 10 km course. This is so we can ensure you are in the right wave and have the right start time.<br />
<strong>Run: </strong>This category is for our seasoned runners who are looking for their PB! To be in this category you would run 5 km in under 25 minutes and 10 km in under 1 hour. Your Race Bib will have a timing chip so you&#39;ll be able to look up your time after the event.&nbsp;<br />
Top tip: 6.30/km pace is someone who can complete a 5 km in 30 minutes or a 10 km in 1 hour.<br />
<strong>Walk: </strong>This category is for people who wan to walk the whole course (or most of it) while taking in the beautiful Brisbane City views and enjoying all of the fun along the way. You will not be timed.</p>

<p><strong>Early bird cut off:</strong>&nbsp;Midnight Friday 9&nbsp;February 2018<br />
<br />
<strong>Rebel race kit postage cut off:</strong>&nbsp;Midnight Friday 9&nbsp;February 2018<br />
<br />
<strong>Online entries close:</strong>&nbsp;5 pm Wednesday 28 February&nbsp;unless sold out prior.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong><strong>Rebel race kit pick up:</strong></strong>&nbsp;If you registered after Friday 9 February or chose not to have your kit posted to you, you can pick up your rebel race kit from the Event precinct (near the Wheel of Brisbane) during the following times:</p>

<li>8.30 am to 1&nbsp;pm Saturday 3 March 2018, or</li>
<li>5.30 am to&nbsp;6.30 am Sunday 4&nbsp;March 2018<br />
<br />

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