24WORDS the equal rights musical

When: Mar 8 2017

Where: Chicago, United States

24WORDS is the equal rights rock musical that can't be denied "on account of sex."

Take a 90-minute, 200-year odyssey to Equality. From the Revolutionary War and the declaration that “all men are created equal” to the Congressional Vote in the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972. 20 original songs through eras of classical, swing, pop, folk, rock, glam and rap.

SPOILER ALERT! The ERA was never ratified…so women “can be denied on account of sex.” And Illinois is one of the states that said "No" to the ERA. Crazy, right? But you can help pass ERA in Illinois – and get the Amendment ratified and into the Constitution. Come for a great show, meet some great people and get connected to most radical idea on earth: We are Equal. 

8 performances in March in Chicago

  • Tues, March 3/7 at Stage 773 
  • Wed, March 3/8 at Stage773 cabaret - special International Women's Day performance 
  • Mon, March 3/13 at Stage 773 
  • Tues, March 3/14 at Stage773 
  • Mon, March 3/20 at Stage 773
  • Tues, March 3/21 at Stage 773
  • Wed, March 3/22 at Steppenwolf 1700 - the 44th anniversary of Congress passing the ERA.

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Book and Lyrics: Charles Kouri
Music: Gary Bragg
Additional songs by Dean Schlabowske

Cast: Taylor Anapol, Dana Anderson, Elisa Carlson, Luis David Cortes, Jordan Golding, Khloe Janel, Kenyai O'Neal, Noreen Patel, Janelle Villas, and Missy Wise.
Running time: 100 minutes without intermission

24WORDS is a reference to the Equal Rights Amendment: “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”