Business leaders have the power and responsibility

Deborah Gillis, Catalyst Inc, President and Chief Executive

"Business leaders have the power and a greater responsibility than ever before to make room for all employees to succeed. When bold leadership is paired with intentional change, we see diversity, inclusion and gender parity brought to life in the workplace.

"So International Women's Day is an important time to celebrate women and the great strides made with gender parity in recent decades. However, one step forward doesn't mean we've made it. It simply means we're heading in the right direction.

"Women today continue to face barriers to success and, these barriers are more often the result of unconscious biases than overt sexism - even from those who believe in gender parity. In order to create a world where there's equality in all sectors, we must fundamentally understand that strength as a team or company lies not in one’s similarities, but in leveraging differences in others.

"At Catalyst, we are working hard to use our years of research and consulting expertise to create actionable knowledge and tested solutions that help to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion. We believe that in order to create inclusive workplaces, organizations must encourage individuals across all levels to become inclusive leaders who understand and leverage the differences that exist on their teams and increase innovation in the process. I, along with the Catalyst team, commit to be a champion of gender parity within my organization and in the wider world."

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