A purposeful action is always a bold action

Mark A. Weinberger, EY, Global Chairman & CEO

“Empowering women is a smart thing for business. Profitability, ROI, innovation - all increase when women are part of an organization’s senior leadership. Building a pipeline of female talent - within EY and in business at large - is an economic imperative. We can’t grow our businesses, jobs and the global economy if we leave 50% of the workforce behind. It's not possible to wait any longer. We need men and women to take action right now.

"At EY, we’re on our own gender gap journey. Our Vision 2020 business strategy includes our broader goal of advancing diversity and inclusiveness. Over the last few years, we’ve intensified that work by taking a number of concrete actions on the issue and we are determined in continuing to do so. Over the last two years, 35% of our promotions to partner and executive director went to women, significantly higher than just five years ago. Additionally, this year for the first time, our retention of women is higher than men. These are great achievements and we are committed to making more progress.

"It doesn’t matter how simple your action to accelerate the gender parity seems to you. What really matters is the purpose of it. A purposeful action is always a bold action. Everyone can play a role in redefining opportunities for future generations of women, forging a lasting legacy of growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities throughout the world. There’s no doubt that everyone can #BeBoldForChange.”

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