Creating impactful change takes each one of us

Steve Morriss, AECOM, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa​, President and Chief Executive

“With this year’s #BeBoldForChange theme for International Women’s Day, we have a very visible and real opportunity to examine how well we do as businesses and as individuals to specifically support equal opportunity in the workplace and to champion diversity and inclusion more broadly.

"Delivering projects for clients and communities in many regions of the world, diversity and inclusion is embedded in AECOM’s core values and is a key driver of our success as a global company. We know that a varied workforce is a creative one - spurring innovation and new ideas that are generated from those different perspectives and experiences. But more than just knowing these things, we must continually take action to assess and improve when it comes to working towards the goals of gender equality and inclusion.

"Creating impactful change takes each one of us. We must embrace the diversity of our experiences, recognise each person’s contributions and value, and take bold actions to address our own biases and remedy inequities we may encounter. Good leadership means having a vision to create a better working world by including those around you, lifting people up, supporting their advancement and enabling fulfilling careers. Most importantly, we must ensure we act, not just talk.

"What makes a difference is making it happen, and this is a challenge for me, my colleagues and all of us.”

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