Focus on diversity because it's the right thing to do

Dr. Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks, Chief Technology Officer

"ThoughtWorks, a mission-driven organization has thrived based on the unyielding belief that technology stands at the very epicenter of both business and social change. Our continued growth around the world has shown that this idealism can harmonize with great technical work. We share a steadfast commitment to continue building a diverse and inclusive work environment.

"It is one thing to issue a memo or make a speech about the value of diversity in hiring for short-term gain. That’s easy. What’s hard is bringing it to life. Good intentions are insufficient. Success starts with focus and purpose of the mission.  At ThoughtWorks, it has never been just about doing something for pure business motives. What truly drives us each and every day is a desire to redress historic discrimination. We have a focus on diversity because it's the right thing to do.

"We are at a major inflection point in our society and technology community. One only needs to turn on the news or talk to women in our industry to see the daily battles women are facing against the entrenched interests of yesterday. Now is the time for us to #BeBoldForChange, raise our voices and continue to break down the ignorant barriers that hold back true progress. We are all in this together and my sincere wish is to look back a year from now, just as the trailblazers a generation ago look at us today and marvel at the collective progress we have all made as a technology and global community."

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