Do better and be bolder with our actions

Huw Evans, Director General, Association of British Insurers


“International Women’s Day and its focus this year on women in work offers us an important opportunity to take stock of how we are all doing to improve support for women in the workplace. We can use the day to recommit to doing better and be bolder with our actions. This will help us move towards a future where International Women’s Day is no longer necessary, because we have gender balance and equal pay across all major industries. 

"The financial services sector as a whole needs to get better. We know the insurance industry has some specific challenges where representation of women on boards and at senior executive leadership is currently just not good enough. 

"As the industry trade body, we are playing our part and can see the vital importance of achieving gender equality within the insurance and long-term savings industry. If we are going to serve the economy and represent the millions of customers that rely on us, we need the best talent working within our industry. We simply can’t be at our best as an industry if half the population is not fully represented in leadership positions and across the workforce.”

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