Challenging the status quo in institutions can be difficult

Julie Brittain, INASP, Executive Director


"INASP is an international development organization supporting individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge, which can transform lives. After twenty-five years’ experience working in the research and higher education sector in developing countries, INASP is very conscious that gender inequalities are often present at institutional and national level but not recognised or acknowledged. In many countries, women face significantly more barriers in pursuing research and academic careers to men, and these gender barriers have huge implications for countries in terms of their future labour force, the next generation of leaders and the creation and use of knowledge and research. 

"For these reasons, INASP is proud to #BeBoldForChange and to work actively to promote equity by addressing the needs of both men and women across all of our work. We support our partners to mainstream gender within their higher education and research institutions. We know that challenging the status quo in institutions can be difficult and have been inspired by our partners who have worked patiently and boldly to change their working environments to ensure women get the same chance to succeed as their male counterparts."

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