Wake up to the need for change

Mark Dickinson, Nautilus International, General Secretary

"Women make up only 2% of the global maritime workforce, so there is a long way to go before anything like gender parity can be achieved in the shipping sector, but employers are starting to wake up to the need for change, and we at Nautilus International are in the vanguard.

"Nautilus is working on many different fronts to help the industry recruit and retain female seafarers as we recognise that creating a more balanced workforce with a higher proportion of women has benefits for all employees. But it’s not as easy as simply agreeing that there should be more women working onboard ships. We must identify and change the factors that are both putting women off from training as seafarers and from staying in the industry long enough to rise through the ranks to captain or chief engineer. These include the unacceptable levels of workplace bullying and harassment in shipping, lack of role models, and failure to adopt family-friendly work practices.

"Nautilus has worked with industry bodies to produce anti-bullying guidelines and maternity and paternity guidance for shipping. We are proud to support the International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange theme."

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