Having the courage to stand up and speak up

Carla Christofferson, AECOM, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

"In my experience, being bold for change means having the courage to stand up and speak up - not just for yourself, but for others. This enables confident, empowered individuals and teams. It’s up to each and every one of us to ensure all voices are heard and that all people are given equal representation and respect.

"The leaders I admire most are those who are not only the best in their professions, but who lead in a way that elevates others. Leaders who value each person’s talents create the most productive, healthy teams able to deliver amazing results. The very simple fact is, if you have diverse ways of thinking, you come up with better solutions. For us at AECOM, this means tackling some of the biggest challenges our clients face around the world, and this is only possible if we encourage diversity.

"On International Women’s Day, and every day, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by strong women at AECOM, at all levels of the company, doing every job you can imagine. You can bet, that for me, I will always #BeBoldForChange, supporting the women at AECOM whose unique perspectives enrich our company culture and deliver results."

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