How to use IWD Activity Cards

 November 26, 2018

Thank you to groups ordering International Women's Day Event Packs.

Included in each IWD Event Pack are 50 International Women's Day Activity Cards.

The purpose of these IWD Activity Cards is to engage your audience and encourage them to commit to action and pledges that will help forge a more gender equal world.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a visually engaging IWD #EachforEqual Pledge Wall.

And remember, the journey in creating the pledges and action commitments is just as important as the finished outcome of the IWD #EachforEqual Pledge Wall.

Create an IWD Pledge Wall

So you have your IWD Event Packs and you're all set to engage your audience to be part of a global movement committed to helping forge a more gender equal world.

Here's how you can create an engaging and visually exciting International Women's Day #EachforEqual Pledge Wall.

Step 1 - Set the context

An equal world is an enabled world. Explain what #EachforEqual means in terms of why a more gender-equal world is important and why women's equality is key overall.

If you need some background statistics and data, you can always access the IWD Lean In 'State of Women' presentation here.

Step 2 - Give a call-to-action

Ask your audience to carefully consider this question:

  • "What action can I take to help forge a more gender equal world?"

Step 3 - Engage audience commitment

Using the IWD purple pens provided, on the round IWD Activity Cards from your Pack, ask your audience to write a specific and tangible ACTION that they can take to help forge a more gender equal world.

Here are some suggestions you can share to inspire the thinking:

  • I'll call it out when I see or hear gender stereotopes or bias - #EachforEqual
  • I'll boycott products where advertising stereotypes women - #EachforEqual
  • I'll take children or friends to women's sporting matches - #EachforEqual
  • I'll buy from women-owned businesses more - #EachforEqual
  • I'll donate time or resource to a women's charity or initiative - #EachforEqual
  • I'll question and challenge all-male speaker panels - #EachforEqual
  • I'll mentor a woman and help her build her networks - #EachforEqual
  • I'll fly the flag for women amongst family and friends - #EachforEqual
  • I'll listen more openly to everyone, all genders - #EachforEqual
  • I'll notice gender representation on boards of directors - #EachforEqual

Alternatively, audiences can write a specific BELIEF that they can hold that will help them maintain a "gender equal mindset" and live their personal commitment.

Here are some examples you can provide to stimulate thoughts:

  • I'll reflect on how fair and equal my actions and comments are - #EachforEqual
  • I'll value women's contributions and achievements more - #EachforEqual
  • I'll be aware of bias and question assumptions I make about women - #EachforEqual
  • I'll keep an open mind about equality and inclusion - #EachforEqual
  • I'll notice and question when women are not present or equal - #EachforEqual
  • I'll respect and embrace difference - #EachforEqual
  • I'll reflect more on how my actions are perceived - #EachforEqual

Step 4 - Create an IWD Pledge Wall

IWD Activity Wall Cards display
International Women's Day Pledge Wall suggestion

Using the glue dots provided, display the IWD Activity Cards on a designated wall space (e.g. foyer, shop window, canteen wall, meeting room, lift well, restrooms, etc).

The IWD Activity Cards can be placed in a random format (as shown below), or they can be arranged in a creative visual format (e.g. posted up as a circle; as an I-W-D letter format; in a curving snake line; in the shape of the international women's symbol; geometrically in columns and rows; etc).

How creative can you get?

Step 5

Take an engaging image of your "IWD Pledge Wall" and post it on social media using the #EachforEqual and #IWD2020 and #IWDpledgewall hashtags. The IWD Team will be re-posting and promoting some of the best visuals from across the world.

Step 6

If possible, ask your audience to take their IWD Activity Card with them later on and display them as an everyday reminder of their promise for action as, collectively, we all continue to help forge a more gender equal world. Or, if participants wrote their name on the back of their IWD Activity Card, return them at a later point in time to remind them about their commitment made to helping forge women's equality.

Notes and further ideas

Here are some further aspects to consider.

  • The length of time that the glue dots (provided in the IWD Event Packs) hold the IWD Activity Cards in place on a wall is influenced by factors such as the wall texture, room temperature, and if any breeze is evident. It is suggested that between 2 to 4 glue dots are used per IWD Activity Card, pending the length of time that they are required to be secured. As an indication, IWD Wall Cards should remain in place for a few hours using the gluedots provided. Extra fastening such as blu-tack may also be used as a back-up if desired, should the IWD Pledge Wall be required to remain in place for a longer duration.
  • The IWD Pledge Wall makes an engaging backdrop for CEO or celebrity speeches, awareness raising in commonly used areas, as a discussion starter for further activity, etc.
  • IWD Pledge Walls can be created and displayed in shops, libraries, schools, community centres, universities, hospitals, sports venues, companies, gymnasiums, kindergartens, broadcast studios and more.

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