#BalanceforBetter selfie cards

#BalanceforBetter selfie cards

Hosting an International Women's Day event or coordinating activity? Download and print out your #BalanceforBetter selfie cards to promote action via social media. Show your commitment to help build a more gender-balanced world and encourage others to balance for better too.

Use the #BalanceforBetter "hands out" pose

What's the hands out pose? Get a group together. Everyone puts their hand out on each side, palms up (i.e. indicating balance) to show that you are committing to "balancing for better" and that you will challenge the status quo and help forge more equality for women. One of the group also holds the Selfie Card. Someone else takes a picture. Post on social media using the #BalanceforBetter hashtag so the IWD Team may re-post to amplify your commitment.

Various categories of selfie cards

There are five categories of actions. Each category has an individual and group selfie card available for download - or you can access the downloadable powerpoint version to co-brand or edit your own text. There are also blank selfie cards available for download, where users can enter their own actions.

Co-brand your selfie cards

All selfie download cards may be co-branded (i.e. logo inserted). The downloadable slide deck includes a branded slide for easy text entering, logo insertion and printing.

Download selfie cards

Get the powerpoint version of #BalanceforBetter selfie cards

Want to edit the #BalanceforBetter selfie cards? Add your own text or insert a logo. The Powerpoint version is available here.

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