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For International Women’s Day, help your organization commit to be #EachForEqual


Lean In - International women's day

An equal world is an enabled world. Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. Women's equality can't wait. It's going to take everyone to think and be inclusive - all the time, everywhere. Let's all be #EachforEqual.

Download the free, ready-to-use IWD Lean In presentations and activities below to host an International Women’s Day event at your organization.


Lean In IWD resources

Bring women together with Lean In Circles

Lean In Circles are small peer groups who meet regularly to share ideas and advice, gain skills, and build community. Because we can grow and achieve more together - and push for a more equal world. There are more than 46,000 Lean In Circles in 174 countries and 3,000 organizations worldwide. 86% of members credit their Circle with a positive change in their lives. Whether your organization’s goal is skill development, retention, or mentorship at scale, you can tailor your Circles program to complement your existing diversity and inclusion efforts and achieve your organizational goals.

Use this presentation to:

  • learn what Lean In Circles are and how they support women to achieve their goals
  • play connection cards, an activity to experience the power of peer mentorship
  • guide participants to commit to one action to support #EachforEqual this year

Download the IWD Lean In Circles presentation.

Lean In IWD resources
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Combat bias in the workplace with 50 Ways to Fight Bias

Bias makes it harder for women to get hired and promoted, and it negatively impacts their day-to-day work experiences. 50 Ways to Fight Bias is a program to empower managers and employees to identify and challenge bias head-on. This 1-2 hour workshop highlights 50 specific examples of bias in the workplace, encourages group discussion and problem-solving, and offers research-backed recommendations for what to do.

Use this presentation to:

  • learn about the most common types of bias women face
  • discuss specific examples of bias, share your own experiences, and discuss research-backed recommendations for what to do
  • guide participants to commit to one action to support #EachforEqual this year

Download the IWD Lean In '50 Ways to Fight Bias' resources.

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Learn how to champion equality in the workplace

To get to gender equality, we need to understand the biggest barriers to women and how to solve them. In this presentation you will learn key data about the state of women at work, discover what you can do to champion equality, and commit to taking action.

Use this presentation to:

  • get a snapshot of the state of women in the workplace
  • discuss research-backed recommendations for how to champion equality in the workplace  
  • guide individuals to commit to one action to support #EachforEqual this year

Download the IWD Lean In 'Championing Equality in the Workplace' presentation.

International Women's Day resources - IWD LeanIn SelfieCards

Show your support and engage others

Use the vibrant IWD Lean In Selfie Cards to show your support and raise awareness on social media with the hashtags:

  • #EachforEqual
  • #IWD2020
  • #LeanIn

Download the IWD Lean In selfie cards and the IWD 2020 selfie cards.

Lean In - women's day
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Discover more educational resources

Browse Lean In’s library of videos, discussion guides, and resources to help the women in your workplace advance their careers and identify and interrupt bias.

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