Avon Foundation funds scholarships to help improve the lives of women around the world

Investing in education for women and girls creates a ripple effect that benefits not only women, but also their families, communities and countries.

That’s why the Avon Foundation launched the Global Scholarship Programme in 2012, an initiative which awards Representatives and their families with financial aid that covers educational expenses, such as tuition and associated costs, helping scholars pursue their lifelong educational goals.

Breaking down barriers holding women back

The Global Scholarship Programme is part of Avon’s global stand4her plan, which aims to improve the lives of 100 million women worldwide by breaking down the barriers holding women back.


Each recipient receives a scholarship grant of $2,100 that they can use on tuition, school fees, accommodation and board, books, or transportation. Scholarship recipients are chosen on the basis of their academic performance and a statement of career and educational aspirations and goals.

In 2019, nearly 200 Representatives in over 20 countries were able to successfully apply for scholarship grants for themselves, their children grandchildren.

Avpn scholarships

A company commitment to lifelong learning

The Avon Scholarship Programme is part of the company’s commitment to lifelong learning. Since the Scholarship Program was established, over 600 Representatives have won grants. 

"My deepest gratitude to the Avon Foundation for the award.  It will help me to meet the expenses needed for my course with the purchase of books, food, transportation, congresses and meetings," says scholarship winner Rosana Moraes Pascoal from Brazil. 

"I thank the Avon Foundation for Women for contributing to the achievement of the dreams and goals of many students around the world.”

Meanwhile, Benedetta Giampietri, another scholarship recipient from Italy, adds: "I absolutely didn't think I would win, but Avon believed in me, just as I have believed in Avon for years."

"The Avon scholarship from the Global Scholarship Programme gives me the opportunity to study for a master’s degree and carry out my future efficiently. I can only thank Avon."

Avon representatives

Avon representatives


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