Stand4her: Avon is building a better world for women, through women

Avon is more than just a beauty brand.

For over 130 years the company has been creating opportunities for women.  This is a company with genuine, deeply rooted purpose. Today that’s articulated through stand4her, its mission to build a better world for women, through women.

Providing opportunities for women to earn and learn

AVON representatives Argentina

Avon has been built on a foundation of giving economic empowerment to women around the world. Providing opportunities for women to earn and learn safely and securely underpins every aspect of the business. Avon’s vision of a better world happens when it opens up more opportunities to more women, and everyone benefits.

With associates in over 50 countries, Avon's network of millions of Representatives and their customers around the world, the company's goal is simply to improve the lives of women around the world.  This goes beyond the individual woman – it also improves the lives of her family and community.

Supporting causes that matter most to women

And whilst Avon has been creating opportunities for women since the company was founded in 1886, in 1955 the Avon Foundation was established to provide support for the causes that matter most to women.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on breast cancer education and awareness through the Breast Cancer Promise, tackling gender-based violence in the Promise to Help End Violence Against Women and Girls, and providing scholarships to empower Avon Representatives and their families in accessing higher education.


A large and longlasting global impact

The numbers are astounding: over $1 billion in funds raised and contributed around the world to date, nearly 3 million people directly helped and over 84 million reached with vital education and resources in 2018 alone. 

But it’s not just numbers, it’s people. The personal stories of women around the world whose lives have been changed really brings home the importance of Avon's work.

Ana Isela, for example, is an Avon Sales Leader who lives in Mexico with her five-year-old son. Years of violence perpetrated by her husband had left her depressed, filled with self-doubt and struggling to communicate with others.

Starting her own business with Avon was a turning point for Ana. She realized how much she was capable of achieving, and made great friends whose belief in her spurred her on. Becoming an Avon Sales Leader taught her that she didn’t need the support of her husband to move forward, and allowed her to take back control of her life.

Madelein Rust, a breast cancer survivor who participated in Avon’s annual iThemba Breast Cancer Walkathon in South Africa, knows first-hand how Avon contributes to this cause. She says she will never forget the sea of pink sashes worn by breast cancer survivors or the incredible spirit of everyone who took part.

Avon’s Breast Cancer Promise, supported by the Avon Foundation for Women, has at its heart the drive to educate women about breast cancer. Madelein believes that thousands of women are probably saved the trauma of invasive breast cancer treatment because they learned from the Promise how to detect early warning signs of the disease.

Even more significantly, thousands upon thousands of lives may very well be saved.

AVON breast cancer


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