Talented women are thriving in innovation and using new technologies to innovate for a higher good

Technology is a means by which can build a better and brighter future can be built for everyone.

Next generation global technology company HCL forges its culture of innovation to utilize new technologies to make a positive impact in the world. 

Many women at HCL are working on cutting-edge technology projects to find solutions to critical problems affecting people and the planet. Indeed, a great purpose.


Smart technology to help fight food waste

"Each day 35 to 40% of food grown or raised gets wasted with 60% of the food loss coming from the US and Europe," says HCL's Bona Collins. "Over 800 million people still face hunger and malnutrition while food production has to increase by 60 percent over the next three decades to end world hunger."

Bona poses the question: Can the reduction of food waste driven by technology contribute to feeding the world?

HCL is developing innovative solutions to minimize food waste, such as a smart meter kitchen that enables better decision-making for the chefs. Through image recognition and AI, HCL is making it possible to accurately measure food wastage and take corrective action.

HCL's technology is good for both business, and the environment, by decreasing waste and increasing sustainability.

Interface design for better inclusivity and a fairer world

"In a hyper-connected and hyperactive world, technology is redefining the limits of human potential," says HCL's Bhavna Kapur. "However this reality remains a distant dream for almost a fifth of the world's population who are constantly facing challenges with everyday technology the rest of us take for granted."

HCL's security solutions are helping create a fairer playing field and make technology truly inclusive. HCL designs better, more user-friendly digital interfaces and technology touch points to address diverse accessibility challenges being faced by users with disabilities. All this is to make sure no one is left behind.

Quantum computing tackling drug diversion and abuse

"Prescription medicine and medical equipment abuse are both growing and serious concerns we all need to urgently look into," explains HCL's Meenakshi Benjwal. "This can adversely affect patient care and causes significant deaths that may lead to reactive outbreaks and cost millions of dollars to healthcare systems."

HCL's solutions to such problems use revolutionary quantum computing and nano technology that enables early detection and prevention of drug diversion through syringes and other devices. HCL calls this development 'smart dust' - an electronic circuit that fits to an eye of a needle. It has a self powered battery and uses the core elements of quantum computing - entanglement and superposition. It feels what's going inside a syringe or a patient. Smart dust can measure all physical forces, chemical reactions and vital signs from any living organism.

This revolutionary piece of technology is exclusively designed for HCL's AI and blockchain backbone to record data and save countless lives.

The technology sector is a hugely exciting area for women to work

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