Technology changes rapidly and is an exciting area for women to work

There are some impressive women leaders helping to shape the future of technology at HCL by offering thought-leadership on technology trends.

Hear from four women and their thoughts as they answer the important question: how will technology shape the next decade for a more human-centred world?


Neha Lamba, Client Partner and Regional Sales Director, Media & Ent. at HCL

"I'm very excited about the increasing empowerment that we see for citizens or users so to speak. I think in the next decade, we will be moving beyond just access, where it's my content or my experience anytime, anywhere, to really enabling the citizen or the user to be able to work like an SME with very little training."

Judith Rothrock, Client Partner and Vice President, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods at HCL

"You don't know what's coming next, the technology is like that. It is changing so rapidly. We need to be able to learn, we need to stay intellectually curious. because that which you are committed to today may actually sunset and something new will come next."

Nidhi Pundhir, Director of CSR and Head of HCL Foundation at HCL

"I will say past few decades where we've lost a huge chunk of our resources, which belong to everyone. Few countries did more of depletion and few communities out there conserved it. That's where I think technology would need to play, and will be playing, a larger role."

Rachel Powers, Senior Vice President, Digital Consulting Practice at HCL

"I do see with climate change and less sustainability, that there is a trend to start to use technology and design in ways that are going to have a much more positive impact on society and on the world - reducing waste, reducing the footprint that we have on a daily basis and the way to be able to do that is people and technology coming together to make that happen."

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