Women are redefining, reinventing and reigniting the music industry on their own terms

Wired Magazine says women will dominate - and dismantle - the music industry. They will "anchor the cultural conversation" and remake the music biz.

Well overdue we say! Enough of women trying to make it in a man's world. Here's to redefining, reinventing and reigniting. An equal world will see women being free and supported to embrace success on their own terms.

And, as such, all female artists need to make a start somewhere - being free to place their stamp and identity on the world.

Take the humble beginnings of the ever-incredible Taylor Swift. And, by the way, check out her very fabulous Miss Americana film on Netflix - it's a tenacious and emotional journey of courage, confidence and self-awareness. 

And, of course we totally adore Taylor Swift's “The Man” - off her brilliant album ‘Lover.’ (Stream/download the album here)

Great lyrics Taylor. We hear you.

I'm so sick of running
As fast as I can
Wondering if I'd get there quicker
If I was a man...

Success outperforms doubt

Take for example, Amy Shark's profound and emotional song, I Said Hi, that calls out the constraints placed on upcoming artists to conform rather than deviate.

The song title was inspired by Amy's retort to her managers when she learnt who they had set up meetings with to discuss her future - the very same people who had knocked back her many emails and calls. Shark told MusicFeeds that the song is "an anthem for anyone who is waking up everyday fighting for what they believe in and challenging the universe."

Equality in all its forms is a hot topic 

Take for example award-winning London rapper, the ever awesome C CANE who for International Women's Day is mobilizing rappers to share and amplify their messages of equality. Check our her IWD raps.

Inspiration, vision, tenacity - common foundations for women artists 

So around the world - country by country, city by city - there are many young women with burning aspirations, enormous talent and limitless courage who are eating their fear and their hearts are on fire.

How can the music industry do more to reach, nurture and support upcoming female artists?

Visibility is one of the most critical and helpful aspects.

International Women's Day has a WOMEN CREATIVES focus as one of its targeted MISSIONS. The aim is to help increase the visibility of women creatives and promote their work so they gain more recognition, commercial projects and awards. 

Supporting up and coming creative talent  

So, in the true spirit of women helping women, let's give some worldwide visibility to one young female artist from Oslo in Norway. Her name is Kami Vesterdal and she is a singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist. Here's her story ...

Singing felt as natural as breathing

By Kami Vesterdal

I learned myself to play the guitar when I was ten. I experienced that with effort, time and passion. The sense of achievement grew and gave me something valuable. The hours in my room playing the guitar just flew by and suddenly one day at the age of 14, when mixing different chords, I started singing some words from my heart. It felt as natural as breathing. I learned that music and lyrics figured the deepest feelings in me. Soon I got to participate on several local events either playing or singing and I was proud and happy.

When I think back to my childhood I remember I was a reckless girl and I enjoyed having people's attention. Big dreams and ambition grew fast in me. Though I didn’t say them out loud, I could clearly see them in my mind. And with big dreams comes higher risk. When I was 19 years old, I packed my guitar and my expectations and travelled to the USA to play soccer and experience the world. When I look back, I think it was me searching for something but I didn’t know what. 

I spent every single free moment in my room writing, singing and playing my songs. In America, I drew all my courage and started to perform in different talent competitions and I recorded my very first song in a studio. Regarding the soccer part, well I struggled hard with my self-confidence and I found it hard being apart from my loved and lost ones. I never did find my spot in the team. I quit. I travelled back to Oslo feeling ashamed and empty.

I felt I had failed so I made an important promise to myself that I would learn from, rather than regret, my journey to America. But I knew regret would prevent me from following my dreams and passions for the future.

Music was my only saviour

Kami Vesterdal - InternationalWomensDay
Singer-songwriter Kami Vesterdal from Oslo, Norway

A few years back saw the toughest period in my life mentally and my breakdowns would scare me. Instead of talking about it, I wrote songs and caged myself in my rented ten meter square room. My music was my only savior, so I made a life choice to follow my dream. Thankfully, I have never looked back on my promise to myself.

I cried with happiness inside

In a small studio in Oslo, I gathered my braveness and sang some of my songs for two of the most successful songwriters and producers in Norway. I can't explain the relief I felt gaining honest and constructive feedback after spending hours by hours singing to mostly walls. I remember the first time they called me a songwriting-talent. I cried with happiness inside.

I have gone on to release five songs and am thinking about a book about how I would have done things differently. Yet, at the same time, I'm proud of my journey. What fuels me now is the hope that people will hear my songs on Spotify and take my talent seriously.

Kami Vesterdal
Cover art by Kristin Haugstad, Vitality.Design

My gift is my inspiration

The music industry is a hard business for an unsigned female artist. There are so many foreign words and traps I don't want to fall into (again). Writing songs, at least for me, is about being able to emphathize with others and drawing on deep understanding and appreciation.

So, I have written a new song 'You Go Girl' and I dedicate it to all women struggling to embrace the world on their own terms. It's a song I really wrote from deep in my heart. There was this night that I was losing hope in myself. I had been rejected so many times and I could not see where my future would be. I was down and insecure, I was questioning whether to keep going and doing the things I love most. But I drew on all my inner strength and kept saying to myself "You Go Girl" - and from this came my song that I want to share for International Women’s Day. I'm not giving up because I believe, as women, we can all lift each other up. 

Listen to 'You Go Girl' that Kami released for International Women's Day. 

Kami Vesterdal for Women's Day

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