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International Women's Day certainly saw some brilliant IWD celebration cakes

 March 19, 2020

International Women's Day provides an important opportunity to raise awareness about women's equality campaign, yet it is also a time for celebration - and that means education can certainly go hand-in-hand with some fun and exciting activities too.

International Women's Day sees an array of IWD celebration cakes enjoyed by groups worldwide. From family activities to corporate campaigns, here are some exciting IWD cakes from 2020. 

An exciting #EachForEqual IWD cake

Edward Kennedy Community Health Center

Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, created a magnificent a cake emblazoned with the IWD #EachforEqual theme.

The mission of Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center believes that everyone has a right to accessible, high quality, comprehensive, integrated and compassionate health care. A great mission indeed!

Baking IWD cakes to symbolize collectivity

Good Days

Texas-based non-profit advocacy organization Good Days was inspired by the words of the #EachforEqual campaign: “Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world."

Participants each created individually made cupcakes and then placed them together to create one collective cake - many piped with icing in the iconic IWD purple, and decorated with the heads of famous women.

What a creative and visual way to represent the IWD theme!

Inspiring young children about gender equality

Each for Equal

The International Women's Day cake competition wasn't solely a corporate effort, but also very much a family affair.

Two young sisters from Ireland, with the help of their family, baked and decorated a fantastic cake. Using a balanced see-saw with a girl and boy perched on either end, Áine aged four and Cáit aged seven, imaginatively represented a gender-balanced world.

International Women's Day truly is a day for everyone, and a great opportunity to bring the family together and educate and inspire young children on gender equality - in a fun and tasty way, of course!

An IWD cake to remind of the contradictions women constantly face

International Women's Day cake competition

Cake baker and magic maker Ryann Hulme from Tempe in Arizona USA, baked and decorated this elegant cake for International Women's Day.

Ryann also shared an inspiring message about the day: "Being a women can feel so confusing at times. We are constantly bombarded with contradictions: be strong...but not too strong. Be sexy...that’s too much sexy and now you’re just slutty. Why don’t you wear makeup? Woah, that’s too much makeup. You’re too fat...but now you’re too skinny," wrote Ryann

"I am so lucky and grateful to have been raised by strong women who taught me to just be ME. I am perfect the way I am. I will continue teaching my daughter and my son that each of us is equal. And in order for us to have equality in the world, we have to fight. We can call out gender stereotypes. We can vote for local and national leaders who first of all acknowledge inequality and are striving to change it. We can uncover our own implicit biases and work to change them."

Bringing together students of over 60 nationalities

International Womens DayInternational Womens DayCake competition

Students from GEMS World Academy in Singapore came together to celebrate International Women's Day by baking a whole range of bright and beautiful cakes, each with their own unique style.

A truly international school boasting over 60 nationalities, the Academy blends a caring, child-focused environment, cutting-edge facilities, low student-teacher ratio and globally experienced and passionate teaching faculty, as well as diverse extracurricular activities and outstanding learning opportunities for the international student community in Singapore.

Spelling out the support

IWD cake - Liberty Latin America

Liberty Latin America (LLA) celebrated International Women’s Day across their markets in the Caribbean and Latin America with their employees actively supporting IWD and celebrating with an exciting letter cake.

Educating classmates on pioneering women

Maple Ridge Secondary School

At Maple Ridge Secondary School in BC, Canada, students of the Women's Advocacy Club took part in an IWD-themed cake decorating contest, making not just one but three cakes.

All the cakes were a nod to women: one, with Equal for Equal piped around the base; another, decorated with the purples and greens of the historic suffragette movement; and the third one, marked with a 'W' to celebrate women.

As well as the cake contest, students also created a display for their school that showcased books by and about inspirational women. Their hope is to encourage the education of important female figures and raise awareness of their stories.

Innovative processes and innovative baking


This impressive cake tower was created by Plenum, an organization that represents a portfolio of leading global brands in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf region across diversified energy markets and industries. With innovation at the heart of its processes, Plenum brings clients new solutions to tough problems.

This cake is certainly a piece of architectural innovation!

Aiming to drive financial inclusion in India

Fino Payments Bank

Fino Payments Bank, India, had some fantastic workplace achievements to celebrate with their International Women's Day bake.

As a company that believes in providing equal opportunities, equal rewards, equal experiences and equal services to all its stakeholders, in the last three years Fino Payments Bank has made a big impact in the name of equality by taking banking to the doorsteps of hinterland India. The company is taking its services to hard-to-reach and marginalized groups through over 180,000 touch points in every corner of India, and aims to drive financial inclusion throughout India by going down the Phygital (Physical+Digital) approach.

The Bank was also celebrating its Women@Fino, and the fact that almost 25% of its account holders are women, while also marking the international festival of Holi, the Festival of Colors, which took place in the same week as International Women's Day.

Celebrating YouLead "Rising from the Ashes" event


This chic and sophisticated cake was designed and made by Kapruka, Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization and presented at the YouLead women’s day celebration “Rising from the Ashes”, Sri Lanka’s only registered IWD 2020 event. The event was held on the 6th of March 2020 at the Hatch Works Auditorium, Colombo.

Honoring women's achievements


Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, Eli Lilly and Company baked a cake to honour women's achievements and the festivities that come with International Women's Day.

Lilly is a pharmaceutical company that, for over 140 years, has developed and delivered medicines to suit society's needs. Uniting caring with discovery, the company aims to create medicines that make life better for people around the world.

Around the world, IWD cakes were certainly enjoyed

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