Photo: Lorna Nakashima | EyeEm

What makes a winning photo?

 March 26, 2020

To celebrate creatives around the world who are breaking gender stereotypes and broadening perceptions through imagery, an annual IWD Photography Competition is run in association with EyeEm - a global photo community and marketplace who connect creators with leading brands to provide original, unique and on-brand content.

The competition celebrates the authenticity, strength and diversity of women and, in addition to an annual IWD Photo Collection, sees thousands of entries from all over the world.

The annual IWD Photo Competition is open to all genders who can help portay women in real and exciting ways. 

So what makes a photo an eye catcher?

EyeEm photo editor Loren Lazic shares her views about what makes a great photo - and discusses what she has loved seeing so far across some of the entries. Loren explains what is looked for when selecting finalists.

The overall winner of the IWD 2020 Photo Competition receives a great prize to help further their photographic career. 

What is looked for when deciding a shortlist?

Practically-speaking, an image must stand out amongst the rest as we are viewing a huge quantity of images within a Mission. But fear not, a visually well thought through image will always capture our attention and tempt us to take a closer look - we see these as glistening diamonds in the dark. 

Avel Shah - EyeEm

Photo: Avel Shah | EyeEm

We're going through a time that may make it challenging for photographers to shoot the images they originally had in mind. What are your top tips for adapting and still being creative at this time? 

Photographers, there is no excuse! Turn that camera around! Self-portraiture can also be a useful tool for self-reflection. Checking in with how you are feeling and turning inwards can help to make sense of any underlying anxiety or issues.

Maybe you are self-isolating with a friends, partners, housemates, siblings or parents - so now could be a perfect opportunity to set up your own makeshift home photo studio.

What makes a winning image? 

There is a fine balance between a meticulously staged photograph and an image with a natural, relaxed feel. Too far on the controlled side can result in a clinical or sterile portrait, however too far on the other side can mean a messy, less visually-pleasing image. Having the talent to capture an image right in the middle of this scale is key.

Read the full article and get some inspiration from some of the incredible submissions so far.

Photographer - Caterina Theoharidou - EyeEm

Photo: Caterina Theoharidou | EyeEm


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