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Typographers across the world inspire the world through their creativity

 December 22, 2020

As part of the International Women's Day Women Creatives Mission, typographers worldwide share their IWD theme creations. These important creations support the International Women's Day campaign theme and form part of worldwide awareness raising activity that seeks to engage communities in addressing gender equality issues. Additionally, featuring the work of women typographers aimed to increase visibility and showcase their work for future commissions.

To support this mission, global community Typism assisted in helping encourage and identify impressive typography creations to support IWD activity. Read about the state of play for women in typography by Typism Community founder, Dominique Falla.

Typography is a popular form of expression used to support International Women's Day

Showing considerable solidarity around the world, hundreds of creations are received annually.


IMAGE: Aureli Maron - Web | Instagram

Typography helps forge gender equality awareness 

IWD - Libby Reed - women in typography

IMAGE: Libbi Reed - Web | Instagram

For IWD 2021, typographers share their typography creations across three categories with the aim of showing solidarity in calling on communities to help challenge gender inequality. 

  1. Choose To Challenge /  #ChooseToChallenge creations
    The winning entries were very inspiring - and further creations awere continuously welcomed to support the IWD year-long campaign theme.
  2. International Women's Day creations
    These winning entries were aimed at encouraging participation in International Women's Day, so be inspired.
  3. Women's equality statement creations 
    These typography creations promote positive messaging about women's equality and are invited throughout the whole of the year.

Women in typography - Aurelie Maron

Image: Aurelie Maron - Web | Instagram

About the Typism community

Typism Community is a thriving international hub for bringing together type and lettering artists and creating a supportive network. Typism was founded in 2013 by creative designer and academic, Dominique Falla who identified a need for a community solely for typographers of the world. The Typism Community continues to grow and support both new and experienced type and lettering artists. Annually, a Typism Conference is held and produces a curated book of the best black and white lettering from around the world.

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