A #BreakTheBias spoken word message to the world

 February 07, 2022

Sharing messages across our communities is key to forging positive change.

Here's a great #BreakTheBias message from spoken word artist Aminah Rahman. It's an engaging International Women's Day (IWD) resource discussion starter.

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An award-winning spoken word artist

Spoken word poet Aminah Rahman is an award-winning published poet and spoken word artist born and raised in Cambridge, UK.

She is a third-generation British-Bangladeshi with over 60 years of family history in Cambridge.

Aminah has been writing poetry since she was eight years old.

Most of her poetry focuses on fighting racism and celebrating who we are as individuals.


Breaking down barriers

Aminah's mission is to break down any barriers that could stop people from reaching their potential, and she hopes to connect to the souls of many people who draw comfort from her words.

"I believe that it is important to be there for one another. I remember when I wrote my first rap ‘Accept Me Please’, after hearing stories about tackling racism. I ran up the stairs, taking two steps at a time as so many ideas came flooding in to me, and then I put pen to paper," she explains. "I had never written so quickly! It was an incredible feeling knowing that I had my first rap right in front of my eyes. Poetry has enabled me to learn about the world around me and most importantly who I am as an individual," says Aminah.

"Poetry helps me to empathise with others and it leads us to love. It also helps me to understand my own identity. My journey has helped me to discover my own voice. Poetry is a powerful gift because it addresses feelings which can be hard to describe. Poetry brings us together."

IWD AMinah Rahman

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