Lagos State Sports Commission & APSE announce 'Break The Bias' initiative for girls

 October 11, 2022

Advocating for gender equality and championing a world free of bias and discrimination can start from any age, and can be undertaken by everyone, everywhere, which is what makes the Additional Plus Sports and Education Initiative (APSE) Break the Bias Sports & Empowerment Programme for Girls in association with Lagos State Sports Commission (LSSC) such an inspiring initiative.

Empowering young girls into sports and education 

Taking place over a one-year period, the Break the Bias Sports & Empowerment Programme aims to empower 60 young girls aged between 8 to 18 years of age into sports such as table tennis and taekwondo, and to also provide education with an emphasis on political education. 

Sola Aiyepeku Chairman, Lagos State Sports Commission (LSSC), has supported the initiative stating: “We so much believe in this idea that girls and boys should get equal opportunities, because they can both achieve great results. The use of sports and education is so important because both have their ways of positively impacting on the brain of the children. So we are ready to do all we can to support girl's education. Sports instill in people the spirit of discipline, endurance and commitment, while education, which is very important, will build the mind of our children. As much as we encourage our children in sports, we don’t want them to joke with their education because it is a lifelong thing that will last after their retirement from sports.”

Making the best use of opportunities 

Dr Sarah Hillyer

Keynote speaker and founder of the University of Tennessee Centre for Sports, Peace & Society, Dr Sarah Hillyer [pictured above], congratulated the participants and organizers of the programme.

“I am so happy with the programme and I must commend the organisers for the lofty idea to educate the girl child through sports and education. The participants should make the best use of the opportunity placed before them and know that they can succeed in life."

Preparing girls for future challenges 

APSE Founder & Executive Director, Dr Oluwaseun Nariwoh, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the programme is aimed at preparing girls for future challenges.

“This programme is important, especially looking at the volatility of the present contemporary world in reference to gender-based violence. We also consider the low level of women occupying positions of authority despite significant improvement in their political participation, and management of important aspects of life. This programme is about sensitisation mentorship programme on political participation and how votes can count,” commented Dr Nariwoh.

Promoting inclusion, diversity and social justice

APSE is a non–profit organization that looks to join forces with world leaders in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals by helping young girls develop leadership potential through groundbreaking sport and education programs. Its mission is to prepare and create opportunities through groundbreaking innovative programs with a focus on girls and women, including those with disabilities, while promoting inclusion, diversity and social justice.

In what is progressive news for the ongoing need to #BreakTheBias, APSE is focusing on creating an ambiance where girls can be prepared for opportunities and take on life challenges without fretting.

Dr Oluwaseun concludes: “Breaking the existing bias is extremely important in order to redress gender equality for a sustainable and rewarding future.” 

Have sports and education helped you to challenge gender bias? Tell us more! 



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