Here's a Top 10 #EmbraceEquity videos to show at IWD events

 March 02, 2023

Embracing equity can be a complex topic, and there's a lot to learn. So videos can provide a very powerful educational tool. Watching and listening to experts discuss the difference between equity and equality can certainly make for a good discussion starter.

Videos can also offer unique perspectives that can change the way we think and feel, while opening our eyes to new ideas and possibilities. Connecting to different perspectives, experience, and insights can inspire us to take action and help play our part in forging an inclusive world.

Tamara Makoni, CEO of Kazuri Consulting

"Imagine that you are babysitting two children, and they are hungry. You go to the fruit bowl, and you start to pick up two apples to give them to each child. However, you remember at the last moment that one of the children is allergic to apples. Instead, you reach for one apple and one banana, and that way you're being fair. You still give one piece of fruit to each child, but you're also being equitable because you're giving each child a legitimate way of satisfying their hunger."

Sharon Amesu, Leadership & Inclusion Strategist

"Equity acknowledges that everyone does not have the same starting point by virtue of differences in economic starting points, in educational starting points, and in relational starting points. There are some who have an advantage over others, and so equity acknowledges that and says instead we treat people based on their individual needs with a view to creating equal outcomes."


"Equity can be defined as giving everyone what they need to be successful. In other words, it's not giving everyone the exact same thing. If we give everyone the exact same thing expecting that it will make people equal, it assumes that everyone started out in the same place and this can be vastly inaccurate because everyone isn't the same."

Jennifer Willey, CEO of Wet Cement 

"Value talent based on talent. Research shows men are considered for promotions based on their potential and women based on their proven experience for what is needed in the role. Let’s start making this a level playing field. Evaluate everyone on both their relevant skills and potential. And if you’re a woman, proactively address both demonstrated performance and potential with the hiring manager."

Jennifer's Dance Journal

"What is equity? An inclusive world free of stereotypes and discrimination."

Akruti Agarwal, Financial Advisor at Wealth Café Financial

"Equity is about understanding that equal distribution of resources, money, time, and everything is done irrespective of what one person needs, but equity recognizes that different people are different, and they have different needs and hence the resources should be distributed based on our requirements. So embracing equity is about understanding that women are designed differently and has different needs."

Lela Machaidze, Founder of PMI Tbilisi Chapter

"Embracing equity is all about acknowledging that everyone is different and recognizing that these differences can create challenges and barriers for some people. It's about creating a level playing field and giving everyone a fair chance to succeed regardless of their background or circumstance.  For me, this means being an ally for marginalized communities, listening to their stories and experiences, and advocating for change."

Renita Nale, Engineer

"We embrace equity when we actively demonstrate that we value and support our differences, not just by verbally saying we do. Equity can be the golden rule of treating others like you would want to be treated. We should embrace equity every day in our interactions with everyone, from the most minute to the grandest of interactions."

Em Roblin, Coach, Facilitator & Speaker

"Equity is about fairness being fair to everyone. In a workplace context, I think a lot of people when they think about equity at work the first thing they think about is equity in terms of pay equity. Do people who do the same job get paid fairly?"

Colleagues from accountancy firm Davis Martindale

"Embracing equity means being open to learning and accepting of other people's differences and to helping teach others to be aware of them as well."

"Equal isn't always fair."

Inspired by the words of these women?

Informative, creative and inspiring. Share these videos with your friends, family, colleagues, and communities to encourage them to #EmbraceEquity. It's  a great way to raise awareness, pass on knowledge, and ignite action.

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