Inspire Inclusion Art Exhibition in Dubai elevates female representation in art world

While women have been the muses of artists throughout history, a lack of female representation behind the canvas still persists.

The art world has a gender gap as works by female artists sell for a fraction of the prices received for comparable works by male artists. A BBC podcast cites that secondary market prices for work by female artists are rising 29% faster than the prices for art by men, albeit they originate from a lower price point. Furthermore, the annual Art Basel and UBS survey of high-net-worth art collectors has found a steady increase in female artists' representation in collections over the last several years.

When real estate consultancy Knight Frank analyzed the number of younger male and female artists coming to auction in 2022, they identified that around one third (32%) were women. Furthermore, of the living artists whose works broke an auction record in 2022, 40% were by women.

With some sources citing that men’s paintings cost 10 times more than women’s, The Guardian asks 'Are men really 10 times better at painting than women?'

Inspiring the inclusion of women's art

Art Connects InspireInclusion

Elevating the talent and visibility of women artists, an exciting art exhibition in Dubai UAE titled Art Connects Women is showcasing an extensive line-up of women artists from across five continents while supporting the IWD #InspireInclusion campaign theme.

Organized by ZeeArts Gallery, this annual art four-day art exhibition aims to provide the best example of female representation in the art sector while inspiring women artists to achieve great career success. Through the lens of #InspireInclusion, artists explore how their art, which embodies their courage, creativity, and determination, can create a lasting, meaningful impact on the world and future generations. 

"Inspire Inclusion resonates deeply with the essence of International Women’s Day 2024. It encapsulates the vision where inspiration becomes the catalyst for inclusion, fostering a world where women are not just recognized but embraced, valued, and empowered," said the organizers of Art Connects Women.

"The Art Connects Women exhibition’s #InspireInclusion campaign strives to unify artists in a collective effort to reshape our world into a more inclusive space for women. Artists are encouraged to embrace this theme, infusing their creative expressions with the power to evoke change, elevate voices, and magnify the significance of inclusion for women across all spheres of life. The theme #InspireInclusion offers artists a diverse canvas to explore their personal journeys, cultural roots, and societal landscapes. It beckons them to delve into their unique experiences and perspectives, weaving these narratives into their artistic expressions Within this theme, artists are invited to unravel the essence of true inclusion. They can delve into notions like the universal capacity for inspiring inclusion and the holistic embrace of women’s diversity, encompassing race, age, ability, faith, body image, and identity. The global imperative of integrating women across all spheres of human endeavor stands as a cornerstone of this exploration. Through their artwork, artists hold the power to stir emotions, challenge norms, and spark transformation. The thematic essence encourages them to envision the enduring impact of their art, transcending the present moment to contribute to a future characterized by inclusivity and equity," they explained.

"#InspireInclusion serves as a beacon guiding Art Connects Women to underscore women’s pivotal role in the art realm. It magnifies their ability to reshape narratives, defy stereotypes, and serve as catalysts for inspiration. This platform celebrates female artists, providing a stage for their brilliance, inviting them to share their distinct perspectives, and imprint their indelible mark on both the artistic sphere and society at large."

Much-deserved recognition for women artists

Art Connects Women IWD exhibition

The opening night of the exhibition welcomes talented artists from across disparate cultures, nationalities, and social backgrounds to mingle and network. At the end of the exhibition, in line with its philosophy of celebration, an awards ceremony pays a final tribute to all participating artists. Through this ceremony, every artist gains much-deserved recognition for their contributions, and the significant role they play in creating a society that is inclusive, altruistic, and above all, human.

As part of this recognition, each artist has their artwork and their portrait documented within a hardback art book entitled Women Artists around the World, now in its fifth volume. These books remain in the private collections of the Art Connects Women stakeholders, public showcase in libraries, and are also distributed to the artists, for future generations to reference.

Supporting education through conferences

International Women's Day

The impact of Art Connects Women goes beyond the exhibition. "Education trumps ignorance" says Art Connects Women, and this education is vital to better navigate the ever-shifting landscapes of the art world.

With assistance from industry experts and leaders, Art Connects Women hosts conferences to equip women artists with the appropriate skill sets and shed light on often neglected areas in the industry. 

Founded by award-winning artist-activist Zaahirah Muthy

ZeeArts founder

Art Connects Women is led by award-winning artist-activist and founder of ZeeArts, Zaahirah Muthy.

The face of Dubai’s art scene, Zaahirah campaigns for positive change in the art world, particularly the better representation of women creatives. Zaahirah has had her art in private and corporate collections and exhibited in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia. From curatorial works to creation, Zaahirah is mostly a mixed-media artist. With a well of knowledge and experience, she draws inspiration from ideas of spirituality and paradigm shifts towards evoking positivity.

ZeeArts is a global art incubator nestled in Dubai with a mission to connect creatives of disparate disciplines through ITS line-up of artistic initiatives and projects. ZeeArts' annual calendar includes exhibitions and art fairs, artist empowerment programs, arts and cultural retreats, art talks and socially engaged art projects that place artists, curators, art dealers, art writer, collectors and private sectors on the same page of the art market. This is done alongside ZeeArts' strong network of collaborators outside of the art industry who lend us their support to further educate the public on art investments. This further generates an air of interest towards the pursuits of the artists and increases the demand for their works. ZeeArts' efforts to maintain global relevance are also accentuated by its online gallery that connects artists from all corners of the world.



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