Huawei's virtual anchor Hannah gets an AI makeover and calls to #InspireIncusion

It's not only humans who are championing International Women's Day (IWD) and making the call to #InspireInclusion.

Thanks to pioneering technology, some virtual avatars are also joining the celebrations. 

Technology giant Huawei has harnessed the power of AI to promote the IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion campaign in a fun and innovative way. 

Enjoying an AI makeover for IWD 

Huawei IWD AI

Huawei’s virtual anchor, HANAH, enjoyed an AI makeover, transforming her into a formidable sci-fi heroine. 

HANAH also shared an important message for International Women’s Day and beyond, that Huawei shared with its global community: "Huawei virtual anchor HANAH wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day! Together, let’s forge a more inclusive world for women!”

Supporting women in technology 

As a global company, Huawei values diversity in its workforce and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees enjoy equal opportunities. 

Huawei believes that more diversity in tech means more possibilities for all and gives a more human touch to technology. Huawei is committed to helping more women engage in tech and providing opportunities and platforms for women to unleash their potential.

Join global companies like Huawei in celebrating IWD

Around the world, high-profile companies such as Huawei are coming together to champion women’s rights and #InspireInclusion

Will you join them?

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