Royal Mail inspires inclusion across its vast community of millions

Across the United Kingdom, Royal Mail is marking International Women's Day with a special #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion postmark to raise awareness and celebrate the day.

Royal Mail is something special – a well-loved brand people can rightly be proud of.

Royal Mail has the assets, the infrastructure and the scale that others don’t, yet they are a big part of the communities they operate in, making billions of precious deliveries each year.

Their people are at the heart of their business and are integral to helping them to utilise the latest technology and business approaches to optimise, automate and digitise their operations.

Playing a significant role

Royal Mail has been operating across Britain for over 500 years.

Six days a week, Royal Mail delivers mail to over 30 million addresses in the UK.

It takes the hard work of over 150,000 employees to keep things running smoothly.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to Royal Mail

Representing the people who believe in Royal Mail

Royal Mail has a big part to play in bringing people together, and they have a proud history of connecting the UK.

They celebrate diversity by recognising that all people have different needs and are able to contribute in different ways.

Royal Mail promotes behaviours and working practices which recognise and value the difference between people and help them to fulfil their potential.

Inclusive values

Diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in Royal Mail's values.

Be Positive - Great things are possible. They work together to make them happen, so they always give their customers the very best service.

Be Brilliant - Royal Mail prides itself on knowing its stuff. They are always looking ahead, exploring new innovations to stay on top of what people will need next.

Be Part if It - Royal Mail embraces difference, recognising that 'together we’re stronger' and they appreciate each one of their customers because they’re the centre of Royal Mail's world.

Steps to zero

Royal Mail is also on a four step journey to become net zero by 2040.


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