International Women's Day school resources

International Women's Day provides an important opportunity for teachers, parents and caregivers to educate and inspire children and students about gender equality. From celebrating women's achievements to challenging gender stereotypes and bias, educating future generations about gender equality is one of the most grassroots differences anyone can make. There are many useful classroom resources available to support International Women's Day activity. Whether in the classroom or over the dinner table, thank you for championing International Women's Day and making a positive difference.

Access practical and insightful resources

​Whether looking ​​​for detailed resources or quick materials, there is a wide range of informative, fun and reliable classroom resources available. In addition to the resources, remember to use some of the inspiring and informative International Women's Day videos as discussion starters to raise awareness, reinforce gender concepts, or to provide inspiring ways to celebrate IWD.

Make International Women's Day a huge success

Access important and informative resources to support understanding, challenge stereotypes and bias, and to build self-confidence - everything to make International Women's Day a huge success in the classroom or at home.

International Women's Day classroom activity cards

IWD classroom activity cards

Use the IWD Activity Cards to engage children and students in activities and conversations to inspire and reinforce an inclusive mindset. Cut up, mix up, then lucky dip the options. Invite children and students to add their own IWD activity for friends and/or family. Invite presentations to explain and showcase their efforts and thinking.

Video: What's International Women's Day? 

Looking for a clear and insightful way to explain what International Women's Day is all about?


International Women's Day WAGGGS resources


Access the IWD Gender and Women's Rights Activity Pack developed by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to help forge better understanding about gender, women's equality, and issues that impact the lives of women and girls.

WAGGGS serves over 10 million girls in 152 countries. Access insightful education resources to provide practical support and awareness raising to help children and young adolescents understand gender stereotypes and develop the mindset and strategies to challenge inequality.

Access the FREE Lean In Girls IWD 2024 resource

IWD2024 LeanInGirls InspireInclusion FREE resources

Help inspire inclusion and empower girls to embrace their leadership superpowers through the FREE resource: 5 Ways All Adults Can Lift Girls Up as Leaders.

International Women's Day Puffin Schools resources

Puffin Schools

Puffin Schools wants to give young readers access to new feminist icons and ideas: female authors and artists to be inspired by, women-centered stories to learn from, fantastic heroines to befriend. The IWD classroom resources explore story lines, analyze characters, challenge stereotypes, examine language use and establish a lifelong love of reading. The IWD reading list featured books about women who changed the world - women who stood up, spoke out, struggled through and soared.

International Women's Day Coloring In Sheets

Schools coloring in

Women and girls are diverse - and women and girls can be who and what they want to be. Who's a woman who inspires you - and why? Choose one of the inspirational women or motivational quote coloring in sheets and get coloring!

International Women's Day video & teaching notes

This is a very entertaining and impactful video, but it should be prefaced with noting that some of the statistics may have changed since the video's production. The messaging, hoiwever, is still very pertinent and relevant. 

Gender stereotypes video

Looking for a powerful discussion starter to help teenagers better explore gender equality? Watch this IWD video with accompanying Teaching Notes to explore the question: "What if genders switched for a day?"

International Women's Day DreamWorks resources


DreamWorks Animation believes great stories inspire great possibilities. DreamWorks rewrites the rules to imagine something different. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a show full of strong female characters supporting each other. It's about the power, fierceness and realness of women - and how different young women step up into leadership roles, learn about themselves, and make a positive difference in each other's lives and their world. The She-Ra IWD resources inspire children worldwide.

Show International Women's Day videos

Use some inspiring and thought-provoking International Women's Day videos available from around the world as great classroom discussion starters or teaching resources.

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