HRH Princess Moradeun Ogunlana

Visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, and humanitarian

Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana is a visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, and humanitarian.

As a recognized leader on women empowerment for Africa in the United States and around the world, the Princess is decedent from one of the oldest Royal Yoruba Kingdom of Nigeria. Her grandfather was the 10th Obanikoro of Lagos of the Obanikoro Royal House, and her great-grandfather was the Oba Akarigbo of Remo Kingdom in Ogun State Nigeria.

While her mother was an Amazon Princess from the Republic of Benin. Her roots are deeply rooted as a Triple Yoruba African Princess.

Princess Moradeun is the Chair/CEO of The Global Summit Group Inc, and CEO of Innovative Global Consulting (IGC) Group of Companies.

As the Founder/CEO of African Women’s Health Project International (AWHPI), she leads an international non-profit group that focuses on empowering women globally thru access to healthcare, economic empowerment, agriculture and trade associations, cultural developments, and partnerships.

In her capacity as the Chair of The Global Summit Group, she works on economic equity issues affecting women through groundbreaking research and training programs.  Her commitment to women’s economic empowerment has extended to the global arena, where she has provided a forum through the Global Council of Women for Development.

Long known for her coalition work, Princess Ogunlana has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards of nonprofits such as the Fight Cancer Global, Global Women Influencer Leading Transformation (GWILT), Universal Peace Federation, Sino-Africa Economic Development Forum, and host of others. She hosts the annual Global Women Empowerment Summit at the United Nations on business, agricultural, health and economic development issues.

Princess Ogunlana’s commitment to promoting women, nationally and internationally, stems from her decade-long involvement with the Sister Cities International, both as a commissioner and a global citizen. Princess Ogunlana is the author of the bestselling book: The Achiever’s Power - 50 Golden Nuggets to Becoming an Unstoppable Achiever. She has received numerous humanitarian awards, commendations, and congressional citations, and most recently the Governor’s Excellence Award from the state of Arkansas. She lives in Houston, Texas.

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